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Selected Articles

Black & White

The intersection of anti-Semitism and misogyny - Haaretz

A place to really be proud of

Hoping for an Israel to actually be proud of - Jewish Chronicle

How to have a baby in the #metoo era

How to have a baby in the #metoo era - Jewish Chronicle

Feminists' blind selection policy - Jewish Chronicle

Balfour Declaration apology won't help peace in Palestine - Newsweek

Is it me, or was that anti-Semitic? - The Forward

An empty chair at Peres' funeral - Jewish Chronicle

Israel's 'bikini ban' is just as bad as France's 'burkini ban' - The Forward

The shocking images of police undressing a Muslim woman on Nice beach will fuel support for ISIS - The Independent

A year after the Jerusalem Pride attack, the rhetoric continues - Centre on Religion & Geopolitics

Winning the argument against Jewish extremism - Haaretz

The thread that links Israel's murder victims - The Forward

Israel women should keep sex assault on the agenda - The Forward

When Israel classifies rape as terrorism - The Forward

Why not all feminists are interested in Hannukah candles - The Forward

When modesty endangers women's lives - The Forward

What if women ruled the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? - The Forward

Israel’s one-state president and lone voice against anti-Arab racism - Haaretz

Madonna blesses body hair - why we should care - Haaretz

When terrorism let's Netanyahu off the hook - From my blog

Israel election results: To hurry, not to haste - Haaretz

Just in time for Passover, Israel continues denying African asylum seekers their freedom - From my blog

Women in the 'New Egypt': What's next? - Tel Aviv Notes

Islam and women's rights: The debate continues - Tel Aviv Notes

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