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Selected Reports and Features 

UK Jews demand zero tolerance

UK Jews demand zero tolerance from Corbyn's Labour - Haaretz


Extremism and conflict: What to watch in 2017 - Centre on Religion & Geopolitics

Why angry Christians in Israel are crying discrimination - Haaretz

Images of the Gaza pullout - Haaretz

An unlikely adoption tale - Haaretz

I spent a day in Tel Aviv tattoo parlours - Haaretz

These photos give 14 different perspectives on life in Israel - Haaretz

The surprising story of Israel's love affair with Germany - Haaretz

Reports from Israel's first Independence Day - Haaretz

Israeli army cites rise in number of overseas volunteers joining its ranks - Haaretz

Interview with Lucy Aharish - Haaretz

Election Day report: In Jaffa, an Upturn in Israeli-Arab Voter Turnout - Haaretz

'Isolated' Jewish Students Campaign Against BDS at London College - Haaretz

Six times U.S.-Israel times hit rock bottom -Haaretz

Meet Israel's Kennedys - Haaretz

How France and Other Countries Around the World Treat Terrorists - Haaretz

The scandal-to-scandal (to scandal) guide to the Israeli election, 2015 - Haaretz

Jewish Activists Launch Initiative to Combat On-flight 'Gender Segregation' - Haaretz

Amid accusations of sex assault and fraud, Jerusalem seminaries refund tuition - Haaretz

Inside Israel's all-girl hackathon - Haaretz

Israel Finally Gets Sex-change Surgeon, but Some Still Have to Wait - Haaretz

Pay and Stay: JNF Honors Jewish Vets Without Background Checks - Haaretz

Where Were You the Night Rabin Was Shot? - Haaretz

Eight Things You Never Knew Israeli Hotels Do to Be Certified Kosher - Haaretz

German theology school a symbol of revival of Jewish life - Spiegel Online

Holy Land's Christians dissappointed by Pope even before he arrives - Haaretz

Interview with leading Israeli author Assaf Gavron - Haaretz

Coexistence in the Israeli underworld - Spiegel Online

At an Israeli children's camp, burn survivors find relief - Haaretz

At a Jaffa bookstore-cafe, writing the story of co-existence - Haaretz

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