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My name is Alona Ferber. I am a London-based writer, editor and journalist. I work at the New Statesman as special projects editor.

I grew up in the UK, but was born in Israel. A few years ago, I returned to London after a decade in Mexico and the Holy Land, where I was a senior news editor and reporter for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. In 2013, I was Ernst Cramer and Teddy Kollek Middle East Fellow at Spiegel Online in Germany. My writing has also appeared in places such as NewsweekThe Forward, The Independent, and The Jewish Chronicle. Before joining the New Statesman, I was managing editor at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. 


I have written on a wide range of topics, from refugees in Israel, to Jewish extremists, to burkinis. I used to blog about historical and current issues at The Paper DispatchI am interested in everything Israel/Palestine, the Mideast, Mexico, feminism, gender, languages, history, religion, and motherhood. 

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